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Comedians from an unsuspecting town in Colorado discuss the highs and lows of open mic comedy as they ramp up to the city’s flagship comedy competition - Fort’s Funniest. 

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Production Company: Work Our Way Productions • Producer: Allie Delury • Director: Allie Delury • Director of Photography: Hudson Bloom • Sound/B-Cam: Dillon Cole • Production Assistant: Patrick Bonner

Featuring: Sam Tallent • David Rodriguez • Rosalie Jaymes Taylor • Dylan Williams • Sammy Pisciotta

Coming soon in 2024


Production Company: Work Our Way Productions • Executive Producer/Writer: Marie Thomas • Producer: Allie Delury • Director Nicole Frances Goth • Set Design/Assistant Producer: Shawon Dixon • Director of Photography: GK Frederick • First Assistant Camera: Cheyenne Finch • Script Supervisor: Joshua Reed • Gaffer: Esteban Veras • Key Grip/Swing: Keve • Key Makeup: Shannon Rodriguez • Sound Mixer: Trevor Milton • 2nd AC: Naa Adei Mante • Sound: Wren Stark Haven


A Christian, Republican woman from South Carolina makes a challenging decision following a hypoplastic left heart syndrome diagnosis in a post-Roe v. Wade world.


Production Company: Work Our Way Productions

Executive Producer: Steph Griffith

Producer: Allie Delury

Director: Mariah Harkey, Allie Delury



🏆 Best Documentary - Blackbird Film Festival

🏆 Most Inspirational Film - Oregon Documentary Film Festival

🏆 Best Documentary Short - Los Angeles Film and Script Festival

🏆 Best Documentary Short - Hollywood Blvd Film Festival

🏆 Best Documentary Short - Shortie Film Fest

🏆 Best Cinematography - LA Documentary Film Festival

🏆 Best of Fest - Nassau Film Festival

🏆 Best Documentary Short - Arizona Short Film Festival

🏆 Best documentary short- Shawna Shea Film Festival 

🏆 Best Documentary Short - Aasha international film festival

‎‎🏆 Best Documentary Short - The NewsFest

‎🏆 Best Female Strong Doc  - Various Artists independent Film Festival



‎✨ Best Documentary Short - Dallas Independent Film Festival

‎✨ Best Documentary Short - Her Vision Film Festival

‎✨ Best Short Doc -  Hot Springs International Women's Film Festival

‎✨ Best Short Documentary - Women Deliver Arts & Film Festival


Official Selection:

💙 Golden Short Film Festival

🤍 First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

💚 Wine, Women & Film Festival

💛 Love Wins International Film Festival

💖 Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

🤎 Reel East Texas Film Festival

🧡 Tournadeau Film Festival

💜 Texas Gold Film Festival

💚 Awareness Festival

🧡 Lane Doc Fest

❤️The Women's Independent Film & Television Festival

💙Divine Feminine Film Festival


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As seen on:

An urban millennial lesbian attempts to navigate the dating scene in the shadow of a recent breakup.

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Production Company: Work Our Way Productions • Producer: Allie Delury • Director: Danielle Bero • Assistant Director: Cara Ronzetti Director of Photography: Eurica Yu • Editor: Jasiel Lampkin • Gaffer: Rutuja Sawant • Sound: Eli Marks • First Assistant Camera: Tisa Chigaga • Production Assistants: Grei Genao • Kaylie Bucaro, Whitney Bryan, Marie Thomas • Script Supervisor: Asia Gagnon

Jada: Naomi Zabasajja • Joyce: Meghan Lynch • Server: Grei Genao • Maria: Aixa Mastrangelo • Crystal: Cara Ronzetti • Julissa: Korina Meister • Lucia: Danielle Bero



🏆 Best Original Song - Paris Film Festival

🏆 Best Original Concept - Cannes World Art Festival


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